Condiment Tears (調味料の涙, Chōmiryō no namida) is the 1st episode of Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist anime series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Due to stress or obssession, people are afflicted by something "mysterious" and develop a "mysterious disease".

Koto, who has been suffering from mayonnaise coming out of her eyes, comes to Ramune, a doctor specializing in this disease, which cannot be solved by current medical science. She was approached by Kuro, Ramune's disciple, and brought to him. When Koto says that seasonings other than mayonnaise are coming out of her eyes, Ramune offers her a mysterious tool for treatment.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Due to stress or obsession, people are afflicted by something "mysterious" and develop a "mysterious disease". The mysterious cannot be seen by normal people, however there are doctors that can cure them. "Mysterious disease specialists" expose the secret cause hidden in the people's hearts and save them.

Koto has mayonnaise coming out of her eyes. She visits a doctor, but is send away as they don't believe it. Outside, she meets Kuro who tells her he can introduce her to a doctor who deals with that kind of disease. Kuro brings her to Ramune, who can't stop laughing and mocking Kuro if he had kidnapped the girl, but stops once Kuro hits him. Ramune then explains that people fall ill to viruses and bacteria when their body is sick. But if their heart is weak, something mysterious could enter in the body and cause mischief, but assures her he will cure her.

Ramune takes out a sad movie wanting to see how much mayonnaise will come out from Koto. However only Ramune ends crying. Kuro comments that child in the movie is good at crying and the girl thanks them, making them realize she is the actor child. Ramune asks her if she can cry now and Koto does, but he sees soy sauce is coming out. She confirms she can cry various condiments like ketchup, but doesn't know when she cries with normal tears as she was told to keep her tears for acting. Ramune gives her special tea that will eventually stop the condiments and a contact lenses, who will stop the condiments, but they have strong side effects, so she mustn't use them too much.

Returning home, Koto makes tea and eats her lunch. She recalls how her mother used to be more happy and make her home cooked food, but as she became more famous actor, her mother got busy and started buying ready food. Koto suddenly starts telling whats on her heart and that she wishes to stop working, which angers her mother. Ramune who secretly observed with a special item, states that Koto have been keeping her emotions inside of her and the condiments are expressing her emotions instead of her. He comments the tea is normal, but the teapot is the Teapot of Loose Lips, and drinking something from it will cause you to speak the truth.

For a few days, Koto wasn't able to stop talking about things that usually upset her mother. Having to work, she decides to use the contact lenses, but putting them on, she starts to feel really tired. During an interview, Koto falls on the ground. Ramune shows up, saying that he warned her to not use the lenses too much. Koto's arm and legs had gotten darker and Ramune explains the lenses work as lids, stopping all condiments inside of her. Koto explains she didn't want to use the tea as when she speaks what on her mind, she is always causing trouble for her mother.

Ramune comments that is normal thing and even he causes trouble for Kuro. Her mother agrees to pay any price and Ramune pours tea into Koto's mouth. Koto starts saying she wants to play, eat her mothers cooking, to stop working. A strange light comes out and it starts destroying her mother's clothes, shoes and rings and turning them to ash. Ramune comments the receptacle was everything she acquired by sacrificing Koto's feelings, otherwise Koto would have turned to ash. Koto apologizes for making her mother lose all of her treasured items. Ramune wonders if she wants them back and if so, she can sacrifice Koto's arm, legs or her feelings again. The mother then hugs Koto saying she doesn't want them anymore.

After Koto is released from the hospital. The four of them go to the park to see the sakura trees and eat a Koto's mother cooking. Tasting it, Koto starts to cry from joy, wondering if she is still sick as the tears are salty, but Ramune assures her that's how tears taste.

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